Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nose Prints

This is Wilson -- my ever-devoted, ball-fetching, fence-jumping doggy.  If he's not outside chasing rabbits or sleeping on my bed, this is one of his favorite places to be -- sitting a the front door watching the world go by and protecting me from vicious mailmen that might stroll past.

While I must say that his watchdog perch does keep him entertained for a while and allows me to get something done without having him underfoot, it has one nasty drawback: nose prints.  If you look closely at the aside photo, you can see his snotty schmear all over my front door.  Ick.

Another thing about Wilson is that he has an irrational love of soap -- not really of being bathed with it, more of eating it.  He can't wait to lick up soap suds or slap his slimy tongue on a freshly cleaned window.  Maybe it's just his unquenchable desire to have everything smell like him.

This soap-fettish lead to a problem: after I'd clean the front door glass...lick.  Game over.  It's like he's drawn to anything clean, trying to get it back to its "normal" state.  Also, I didn't really want him lapping up windex as I'm sure it's not the healthiest snack.

So next in my cleaning arsenal came glass cleaning spray, and it couldn't be easier to make.  And I don't care as much if Wilson takes a lick of this stuff.  Works great for little one's grubby fingerprints too!  And it couldn't be easier to make.

Here's how to home-make some glass cleaning spray (aka "nose-print neutralizer"):

- 1/4 cup white vinegar
- water

Pour the vinegar into a 32-oz spray bottle, and fill up the rest with tap water.  Give it a little shake and start cleaning!  Buff it off with something that doesn't leave little lint flecks behind, like a microfiber cloth or even newspaper for extra shine.

You can smell the vinegar when you first spray it, but the scent dissipates completely in a couple of minutes leaving behind nothing but sparkling windows and mirrors..  Nose prints neutralized...for now.

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