Friday, March 16, 2012

Foaming Hand Soap

If you coupon, you can really make this soap for next to nothing!  (Even if you don't, it's still so much cheaper than buying the pre-made stuff.)  I wait until the little bottles of scented hand soap go on sale for buy one get one free, stack on a coupon, and stock up on a few bottles.

Another great thing about making your own is that you have a lot more scent/type variations.  Do you like watermelon-scented?  Anti-bacterial?  A certain color to match your decor?  No problem!  You can make this foaming version with any clear liquid hand soap.

Here's all you need to home-make it:

- foaming hand soap dispenser (empty)
- 1/8 cup clear liquid hand soap (any variety)

Pour the liquid hand soap into the empty foaming bottle.  (You want to fill it up just over 1/8 of the volume whatever container you put it in, so adjust your amount of soap if needed.)  Then, SLOWLY fill the rest of the foaming bottle with water.  (I let mine run down the inside of the container instead of letting it drop directly on the soap to prevent too much sudsing.)

When full, put the lid/squirter back on the foaming soap bottle and GENTLY rotate it around until the soap is thoroughly mixed.  (Try to avoid shaking it to avoid aforementioned sudsing.)

That's're done!  Generally, I can get at least 3 bottles of foaming hand soap out of a small bottle of regular liquid hand soap.  Money well saved!

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